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Best Offline Android Games Top Play 2018

The digital gaming industry has been in the boom condition in the Android Device market which has multiplayer online options in the game. But some of the people are there who still loves the offline games in which they also want mind blowing gameplay. So , we have listed Best Offline Android Games Top Play 2018 according to user reviews and most download.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure, It is one of the game which has increased the level of mindblowing games in the application market of Android Smartphone Device. The character name is Alto in the game and he has to run in the whole game in different places for collection the coins as many he can collect. You have to guide the alto in different places like mountains. In this game the user have to deal in different obstacles. It has stunning flat graphic with which the user can change the shapes and colours as he want to do according to the weather in the game . It has the sweet sound of piano in the background . It was developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc and it is available for free on Google Play Store.


Badland, It is one of best android offline game but is somehow different as compared to others. It is free run style game for the Android Smartphone User. In this game the player have to guide or locate the groups of creature of birds to fry in the dark forest. It has great visuals and this game is based on the physics which will make your mind to work smart. In this game you will guess the weather whom will you sacrifice and which will one go ahead. The birds can used for pulling the lever or you can simply tap on the button in the gameplay. It was developed by Frogmind. It is available for free on Google Play Store with clash of clans mod apk.

 Plague Inc.

Plague Inc, most of us dream to being a scientist who is mad and wanna invent something which can break or finish the planet. Then you must have to download this game because this is your game where you can destroy the planet being a mad scientist. The player can create the virus which can infect the people of the planet and they can even die from the virus. This mind blowing game has many intelligent features which helps to challenge the strategies of the application. It was developed by MiniClip and it is available for free on Google Play Store.

 Freeze !

Freeze,It has changed the meaning of escape types of games. There are lots of games in the android offline games in the application market of Android devices in which some of them are quite challenging and other are relaxing . But in this game named Freeze you need to change the setup of the game for free a ball and you have to reach to the portal in the game. It might also contains many different sound tracks which helps the user for various various quiz games for the betterment of brain. It was developed by Frozen Gun Games. It is available for free on Google Play Store.


Crashlands, it is a popular among the user because of the mind blowing designs . It also stimulates the player on different planets which are dangerous to many critical mission to complete and come back into space. The player can even explore the harvest objects to making the starships and other tools for themselves .It allows the user to use custom level for their making their own games. It was developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans as one of the best offline games for android smartphone . It is easy to download and install on their android devices . All the user need to pay €6.99 After paying the amount and installing the application the user will love this game.