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How to Hide Online Status from Whatsapp using GBWhatsApp

Today,WHATSAPP has become the most popular and the most used applications on your Android mobile phones.It has become a very important part of your day to day life too as you share a lot of important informations with each other in the form of messages,documents and media.We have become addicted to it.To be very frank,Even me myself is a very frequent user of whatsapp.I can’t even imagine my day without using WHATSAPP.And I know you all also might be facing the same situation daily.

Problem arises when your parents or family members start scolding you for using your whatsapp continuously all day long.They do it by seeing your last seen on whatsapp online status.Eventually,They restrict you to use whatsapp which I know you don’t want atall.So,to overcome this problem you can go for GBWhatsapp.Trust me,it will prove to be very helpful to overcome your above mentioned problem.

GBWhatsapp can also be used to hide your online status from those people who annoy or irritate you from his or her useless and rubbish messages.This helps you alot to avoid receiving their messages on your mobile phones.

Features of GBWhatsapp

The features which you lack in the usual whatsapp can be obtained in the GBWhatsapp.Following are some of the wonderful features of GBWhatsapp:-

  • In this you can hide disable the READ RECEIPTS of the READ MESSAGES so that the messages will no longer show the Blue coloured DOUBLE TICK.
  • It also does not allow the DOUBLE TICK to appear so that the other users could not be able to know whether you are online or not.You can also hide your ONLINE STATUS through which no one can see whether you are online or not.

How to download and install GBWhatsapp on your Android Mobile Phone

Before knowing how to hide the online status from whatsapp using the GBWhatsapp you will have to know how to download,install,step-up and then launch the GBWhatsapp on your Android mobile phone.So,here are the steps through which you can download the GBWhatsapp on your ANDROID mobile phones:-

  • First if all,you will have to open the WEB BROWSER of your Android phone.
  • Search for the GBWhatsapp download for Android by typing it in the search box of your WEB BROWSER.
  • You will get the link from the search results.
  • Click on the link.
  • When the website page will open then click on the DOWNLOAD BUTTON.
  • After the app is downloaded then install it by allowing the sharing from UNKNOWN SOURCES.
  • Once the installation gets completed set up and launch the app in the same way as the usual Whatsapp is done after its download and installation.

How to hide Online Status from Whatsapp using GBWhatsapp

Following are the steps through which you can hide the Online status from your whatsapp using GBWhatsapp:-

  • First of all download GBWhatsApp from here – Gbwhatsapp
  • Then You will have to click on the Option button present on the Top right corner of the app screen.
  • Then you will have to click on the PRIVACY option.

  • After this is done an another set of options will be displayed or popped up on your screen.
  • Then you will have to disable the second tick from the Privacy Settings of GBWhatsapp.
  • After this you will have to click on the HIDE ONLINE STATUS option to not allow the other people to see whether you are online or not.

In this way, You will be able to hide the ONLINE STATUS from whatsapp using GBWhatsapp.

Congratulations,Now you know how to hide the ONLINE STATUS from whatsapp using GBWhatsapp.

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Best Strategy Games For Android

Nowadays the youth demand for strategy games to check out their strategy and survival skills and to make them better in these skills day by day.Therefore,the STRATEGY GAMES were designed.These games have helped the youth to achieve what they wish for to a very great extent.

Here are some of the best strategy games for ANDROID:- 

Age Of Civilizations

Age Of Civilizations, it is a mixture of board game and strategy game. This game has many similar qualities which can be include in risk. where the user job is get the territories from other civilizations.The user can access the varieties of scenes like both world wars and even some more world scenes of car.It allows the user to make their own scenarios for challenging themselves in the game. It is available at $2.14 USD. It has many interesting mechanics such as 193 civilizations, two planets and many more. It is very difficult and the user get easily addicted to the game and the best part of the game is there is no app purchase in the game. It is the best and one of the best simple strategy game.

Card Thief

Card Thief is that type of strategy game which incorporates unique strategies within itself.It is also a CARD GAME.In this game you will have to move here and there so that you could not be detected.You will have the facilities of EQUIPMENTS,STEALTH POINTS and some more features which can help you to be safe from the guards and finish the different levels of the game.It has a per play playtime of two to three minutes.You can download the Free version as well as the Paid version for $1.99 from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Chess by AI Factory Limited

As you all know that CHESS has been maintaining its position for the OLDEST STRATEGY GAMES since very long time period.CHESS BY AI FACTORY LIMITED is one of the most popular and best chess games for your mobile phones.In this game although you will not find the level of graphics which is nowadays needed,still you will explore a lot of cool features in this game.It has 12 DIFFICULTY LEVELS in its TWO GAME MODES.It has some of the wonderful features like ELO Ratings,save and load games,local multiplayer and so on.It works with the help Treebeard Chess Engine.It is available Free of cost on GOOGLE PLAY STORE but if you want then you can remove the advertisements flashing into it from time to time by paying a small amount of $0.99.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is a CARD Dueling Strategy Game which can be played on Mobile which is very popular.It is played online with the other online connected players.In this you duel other players who are online and are playing the same game at the same time by building decks of cards.You can gradually Unlock the cards and become stronger in the game.You can make your account on BATTLE.NET so that you can login whenever and wherever you want and play the game either on your mobile phone or on your PC.Blizzard has added many new and exciting features in the game to make it more interesting to play for you.It is available Free of cost in APP PURCHASES on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition and Shipwrecked

Don’t Starve is a STRATEGY SURVIVAL GAME which is available in its pocket edition for your ANDROID MOBILE PHONES.This game starts when you are being sent to a random planet in its wild spots.You all have to gather and then use all those resources which can prove to be very important for your survival in the wilderness of the planet.In 2017 its SPIRITUAL SEQUEL,Don’t Starve:ShipWrecked was launched successfully.Both of them have somewhat similar features and cost $4.99 on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Machines at War 3

Machine at War 3 is a REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAME in which all you have to do is to save some scientists from the bad guys by beating them(bad guys).It has got 21 missions within a Deep story.If you will want to increase your time limit then you can do this also through the UNLIMITED RANDOM SKIRMISH MODE.It is a very challenging strategy game.It is a bit expensive with a cost price of $6.99 and no in-app purchases.

Congratulations,Now you know the Best Strategy Games For Android.